Gay Hot – Young Innocent Craig

Another fresh week and time for another gay hot scene t be brought to you. This time it’s Craig and he is a stud that gets to have his ass fucked in turns by the other studs around here. And as you remember we did promise you something special, and that is this particular scene here. It’s as a sign of thanks to the support you’ve showed to the site and the guys want to play extra naughty just for you in this one as a reward! Well either way, you know that this is the best site to come and visit when you want to see hunks getting kinky, so let’s watch Craig getting his tight ass thoroughly fucked by all the gayhot studs here today!


Once again we get to visit the office that lots of the magic went down in the past and you can see them introducing the guy right away and having Craig remove his clothes for everyone. As always you get to see the hot guy paraded and he looks absolutely gorgeous to say the least. And in addition to everything else when they finally bend him over the desk you of course get to see them tease his ass with their hands. Once he was nice and prepped see them starting to take turns to fuck him balls deep doggie style and enjoy the whole thing. There will be more soon, but if you want it right now you can check out the past scenes for more!

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Freddie and Max

Hey there guys and gals, we’re back with another new gay hot scene and in is one we get to see the naughty and kinky treatment that two footballers get to receive as they are the new recruits to the team. It looks like the coach, the manager and the assistant are all there too to make sure that things go down smoothly. Well let’s get right to the action as we bet that you guys are also very very eager to get to see just how the two guys got to be toyed with today. After all, you are at the gay hot site in the first place and you know full well what goes down around this parts. So anyway, let the show commence and let’s see the guys teased a whole lot today!

Well, Freddie and Max got welcomed in the office and once inside they were asked to undress. You can see them oblige quite fast and the doc getting busy with them too. But as the manager and coach chimed in as well it seems that this was something a bit different. Though they were confused they went with it as it seems like all three of them know how to use their hands quite expertly and and make sure that they feel really good. So watch them getting their asses fucked and cocks stroked by the masterful hands of our regulars and see them enjoying every single second of it this afternoon. We’ll be back once again next week with special stuff for you!


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Gay Hot – Wild Stories

Welcome back. It’s time to get to see some more scenes that are truly gay hot here today and they are just as amazing and hot as you imagine. Have we ever brought you a bad gay scene around this place? Well in this new gallery it’s actually four of the suited guys that get to party hard and it looks  like somehow they ended up in a tattoo parlor this afternoon. It was mostly because two of them lost a bet and now they would have to get some tattoos in kinky places, namely on their asses. So with that being said, let the gayhot show start and let’s get to see the two hunks getting naked for that tattoo artist to begin with shall we?


Well they get to do that pretty fast as they seem to want to get this over with without delay. And the whole thing goes down without too much trouble either. But it seems that the whole group of five kind of got horny as time went on and you can pretty much bet that they ended up getting undressed, all of them, and then getting around to fucking the two guys that got naked first in the ass nice and deep. And yes even the tattoo artist got into it with them. And as a bonus, they got to have the tattoos for free too. Either way, take your time to enjoy this scene and of course, we’ll return again next week with another new gallery for you all!

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Footballer Connor

We begin our gay hot scene this week with a new collection of images featuring more hot and horny studs going and doing lots of gay stuff with one another on camera and you get to see it all happen as well. Anyway, this scene features another footballer named Connor as the main attraction in the scene and you just have to watch his sexy body toyed with by our regulars. We can pretty much assure you that you are in for quite the sizzling hot and sexy gay scene with this one as soon as you get to see Connor naked. So let’s not waste anymore time and get to take some time and see Connor moan as he gets his cock milked by the other guys!

When the cameras roll, you get to see the guy make his entry to their office of course and it looks like the three clothed studs were all nice and ready to party hard with our guy here. Watch them making quick work of his sports uniform and then see them having him bend over on their desk and you can see them begin to tease him. They get to finger fuck his ass while also stroking his cock and they didn’t stop until they made the guy shoot his sticky load either, rest assured. And all in all it’s just a glorious update that you need to check out without fail here today. We’ll return next week of course and we’ll have a new update for you!


Enjoy watching this guy getting his cock milked!


Gay Hot – Tastes Sweeter

Another fresh week and time to get to check out another gay hot scene. Well it seems that what we mentioned to you last week is about to happen a lot sooner than expected as you all just adored seeing the guys getting kinky. So yes, the trio is back with part two of their nasty fuck session and as you will see, it takes place in the bath once again. Strap in and get ready to check out a simply luscious and incredible update with the two guys from last week getting dominant with the guy and taking their time in this gay update to play as naughty and nasty as they want with the guy. So let’s watch them jack the guy off for one thing!


So they corner the guy again and he knows already what’s coming next. Well he doesn’t really mind it as you might guess and he gets to be laid on his back on the tiling there. The tattooed guy with the tank top straight up starts to play with his cock and balls and pretty soon you can see him jacking his cock off furiously. The guy gets closer and closer to climax and you can see him shoot his load before the end of it all as well. We are sure that you will find this very very entertaining and rest assured that there will be more to see in the next updates too. Either way, see you guys soon once more and we’ll have some new content for you!

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Filthy Toilet Room

Well for this week’s amazing gay hot scene we have a brand new show for you to see and it mostly involves some kinky university students getting naughty and pranking each other…Well kinda’, because they still end up doing the nasty in this one scene here. Aaanyway, as you will see, two students, caught their mate on the toilet and they straight out told him that he’s only coming out of the place in this only if he gets to play with them in the living room. Well he had no choice in this gay hot scene, so watch him getting around to have a tremendous amount of fun with them getting nasty and naughty too! We bet hat you will simply adore this one!

So after they let him out, the guy was already nude and pretty much ready to party. His seclusion now over, he has his buddies undress as well and as all of them are naked, you can see them taking their time to suck one another’s sweet cocks as well for the rest of this glorious scene. And when it does reach the end, you can see them shooting jizz loads all over one another as well. We figure that you will enjoy it quite a lot and who know maybe we’ll get to see these three guys getting even nastier in future scenes as well. So with that being said, have fun with their fuck fest for the afternoon and we’ll see you again next week with more!


See this guy getting caught in the bathroom!


Gay Hot – Sticky Substance

Today’s new and kinky gay hot scene is here for you all to see and check out and we as always, bring you another guy getting dominated and toyed with on camera just for you all. Well it’s actually two of them once again but you get the jist of it anyway. Our doms are back to guide the guys that you get to see in this one and you simply must take the time to see them getting around to having fun as they make these two new guys fuck one another for their enjoyment and yours. And of course, the cameras are there to capture every single second of their naughty session. So let’s kick off this gayhot scene and see some action with them shall we?


Of course, this scene wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t any nice and sexy undressing here too. The two fresh guys get to show off their bodies for everyone of course and the guys in suits make sure to make them feel really comfortable. Once that is done and said, you can see the two guys getting to do some proper fucking for everyone to see. See one of them getting on top of the other and watch his cock flop around as he gets to ride it cowboy style for the whole afternoon here. We hope that you will enjoy the view of this glorious and kinky scene and rest assured that there will be even more to check out next week too!

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Dumb Beast

Hi there once again everyone and of course, allow us to welcome you back to another new and amazing gay hot scene. once more we have an encore in this one and you can see this big muscled stud getting taken for a pay session by the guys here and as you can see he looks as gorgeous as ever. Though last time you couldn’t really check out just how big the guy was as the mature studs had him mostly bent over and showing off his cute round ass for the better part of their scene. But anyway, in this new gay gallery they get to have him take the time and  parade his sweet and sexy looking naked body for you all to see for the whole show as well!

Well the office was all theirs as soon as the cameras roll and you can see that the guy gets dragged in on a leash too. As per orders from the guys, he gets to undress and lose all of his clothes too and you can now fully see that muscled body put on display for you all to check out nicely. Then the committee here has the guy pose sensually and sexy from every angle and you can bet that the cameras got to capture every single frame of greatness of his amazing body as well. They get to do more, but that you’re going to have to see yourselves. We’ll take our leave for now and see you soon with even more new and fresh content! Bye bye everyone!


Take a look at this guy getting undressed and tied!


Gay Hot – Sporty Daniel

Well hey there guys and welcome back to gay hot and more new gay scenes. Well since you guys just seem to adore guys that are doing sports, we figured we’d bring you another one that is pretty much into that too. His name is Daniel and as the title says, he’s a sporty dude. And we do mean that in the way that he has the body of an athlete too. Well today he gets to be inspected by the classy gayhot crew that you always see around this place and they took their sweet time with Daniel here today as you can bet that it was love at first sight with his body for them too. So let’s sit back, relax and see them tease this stud here today!


Once they get started you get to see the all to familiar office that so many naughty galleries took place in get used once more. As Daniel comes in, you can see that he’s expected by the guys in suits, and right away they start to make their way through his clothes to reveal his sexy body for you all to see and check out too. Soon they took off his underwear too and the guy’s body is now fully nude. Check him out as he gets to enjoy the nasty guys toying with him all afternoon long and rest assured that we plan on having this guy drop by in future scenes as well for even more kinky stuff with the group as well. See you in the next one in the meantime!

Check out this guy getting undressed by his colleagues!


Daily Exercise

Gay hot is back in black as it were and you just have to see this new scene that we have here for you. Do you ladies and gents remember the guy that got to play a bit with his boss in the lockers? well it seems that the two are back and they have some company this week as the boss man seems to have brought in two of his most ardent fans to play around with his body as well right here. Anyway, this group action scene is one that you simply cannot miss if you want to see that sporty guy in more gay hot action and you can see him getting nude all over again here. So let the cameras roll and watch the sporty dude getting his naked body teased today!

The boss and the guys start to undress the guy and as he just gets to stand there straight and look pretty, the trio starts to get all touchy feely with his hot naked body. The undressing part didn’t last long anyway, rest assured. Anyway, eventually the black dude stands on his knees and starts to stroke his cock as the other two massage his body all over and pretty soon the boss is properly sucking the guy off too. See them making the star player shoot his sticky load in the locker room today before they’re done with him and have fun with the whole action scene. We’ll see you again next week and rest assured that we’ll have even more new content for you!


Check out this guy getting his dick milked!