Gay Hot – Sexual Desire

The new gay hot scene that we have here for you brings you this football player that got excused by the teacher and the coach from practice on the bounds of having an injury that needs tending too. Well if you’ve been here long enough, you know pretty much exactly why the two want him in private as well and you can rest assured that they get to have lots and lots of fun with him for the afternoon. Let’s just get on with the action and take the time to see this guy treated more or less royally in this gayhot scene by the two mature men as the latter take their time to play around with his dick as much as they want and make him cum!


Well we do have to mention that the injury is read….but it’s really superficial. The two older guys just wanted to have some nasty fun this afternoon and they were going to use any excuse. And by the calmness that this star player shows, you can probably tell that this isn’t their first time doing this together either. Take the time to watch them closely and see the two older guys stroking his cock pretty much from the start of this scene all the way to the end of it and see the guy getting to shoot his load as well. We hope you’ll enjoy and we’ll see you again soon with more new and fresh content as well. Bye bye for now and enjoy the view!

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