Gay Hot New Boss

Another fresh week and time for a brand new gay hot update to be brought to you this afternoon. The new gallery gets to show off some more incredible guys getting to be nasty and naughty on cam and you just have to see the whole thing go down for you. The black stud in the dark suit is the new boss and owner of a football team and he wanted to meet one of his star players today. So he waited to have everyone out of the lockers except the guy, and of course you will get to see him go and greet the guy in true gayhot fashion this afternoon. So let’s just get down to probably see some intense interracial gay action here today shall we?


But the new boss isn’t here just for some measly sex, No he wants to inspect that body of the guy too. He was getting dressed but as he gets his orders you can see him start to strip once more for the guy. And of course, the underwear come off as well in this scene. Then the black guy starts to tease his butt with one hand and with the other you can see him as he starts masturbating the guy’s man meat. He whips out his dick too and you will get to see him fuck the guy in the ass too, and then making the guy shoot his load all over himself as he cums in his ass. We hope that you had your fun and we’ll return next week with another incredibly hot sex scene!

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