Freddie and Max

Hey there guys and gals, we’re back with another new gay hot scene and in is one we get to see the naughty and kinky treatment that two footballers get to receive as they are the new recruits to the team. It looks like the coach, the manager and the assistant are all there too to make sure that things go down smoothly. Well let’s get right to the action as we bet that you guys are also very very eager to get to see just how the two guys got to be toyed with today. After all, you are at the gay hot site in the first place and you know full well what goes down around this parts. So anyway, let the show commence and let’s see the guys teased a whole lot today!

Well, Freddie and Max got welcomed in the office and once inside they were asked to undress. You can see them oblige quite fast and the doc getting busy with them too. But as the manager and coach chimed in as well it seems that this was something a bit different. Though they were confused they went with it as it seems like all three of them know how to use their hands quite expertly and and make sure that they feel really good. So watch them getting their asses fucked and cocks stroked by the masterful hands of our regulars and see them enjoying every single second of it this afternoon. We’ll be back once again next week with special stuff for you!


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