Brad’s Tight Arse

It’s time to bring you a new gay hot scene this week and our guys in suits are back to do more inspections. And the target of those for this week is a nice looking stud named Brad. Brad here has been very very naughty to the inspectors and well, he’s going to be taught a lesson this nice afternoon on how to respect his betters. Of course, that entails him to get to bend over for them all nude and get to show off his body. Plenty of which he will be doing here today. And as you will see in this gay hot scene, the suited group have some nice sex toys to punish him with as well. So let’s get it on and watch closely as these guys get to play with Brad’s ass today shall we?

Let us assure you that this scene is no mere show off, as the guys get to do more to that naughty little ass than just tease the guy a bit. So of course, first order of business is to get the guy undressed and once they have him all nude you can see the trio of suited guys having the guy bend over for them on the desk. see them starting to tease his cock and balls to begin with and pretty soon they pull out a nice and big dildo and they make sure to lube it nicely as they plan on fucking this guy’s tight ass nice and deep with it as well. So enjoy seeing Brad moan in pleasure as he gets to have his ass penetrated by a sex toy and enjoy it. We’ll be back soon!


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