Being So Used

Well here we are with this week’s new and kinky gay hot update for you and another gallery featuring another new guy getting played with for the whole afternoon here. It seems that this guy got taken off a plane and our security experts here decided to teach him a nice lesson. It’s all role play of course, but it still makes for some intense and incredibly hot galleries to check out for sure. So anyway, let’s sit back and enjoy the view as this security guard and this official get to play with the guy’s body in this gay hot scene here today. And much like the title says, you will get to watch the guy’s body teased to no end this fine afternoon!

As we said, the roles are obvious and the scene starts as soon as the guard takes the naughty suspect through the doors of the office. Well him and the other official now flank the culprit and start to play with him right from then. See them undressing the guy and once they have him nice and nude, you can see them starting to play with his naughty areas, by which we mean his ass, his cock and his balls. So as they start to tug on his scrotum and one of them jacks him off fast and hard, you get to check out the guy moaning in pleasure throughout the whole thing. Do enjoy the show as we’ll have more for you to see next week as well!


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